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Tuesday, 6 September 2016 06:52 AM Write a comment Permalink

These two realtors that tried to sell my home and failed as many of five due to there lack of regard of protecting me legally when management at Ramon Mobile Home Park was purposely blocking sales of my home and making buyers responsible for my dent and park lawyer fees before I ever went to court. These realtors said they had my home several times and I believed them. They wasted mouths of precious time which in turn cost me to loose my home. Not to mention they violated the agreement my removing there for signs early be fore the end of contract time which violated our agreement. And to top it off they never notified me of the early termination of agreement which in turn was just setting there not selling. The park obtained my home on false pretenses and fraud and retaliation and premeditated criminal crime. These realtors have done me wrong and did not protect me 2 c end when 5hey new there was fraud and deception from the park management. They are wetness to the facts of the crime and shall me involved in court one day soon. I HAVE Other witnesses and proof to verify this crime. I am disabled and homeless and being attacked by management daily and I am an incontinence person destroyed by the two realtors Jerry and her side kick in Palm Springs. Please help me in this manner. This is an emergency call to you to notify me and the park for hate crimes that have been done to me and the disregard of my well being caused by your realtors. Tomorrow the park will be harassing me while they get away with crimes and perjury in court while those two realtors watch it happen. I shall be waiting for your call tomorrow. Thank you Shane Paoletti at 769-994-2912. Please don't let me down like they did.
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