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1) Shane Q Paoletti 
Palm Springs, CA. Location
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016 07:51 AM Write a comment Permalink

(1) Information to my case. Don't forget my mobile home was embezzled from me. They block all sale of my home. I have witness a retired fireman who stated", Debbie in the office told me that she's blocking all sales to my home and they have it sold. Also the park is now retaliating against me and my female friend in harassing me and stalking me. Also the park maintenance man names Charlie Steed was fire for trying to obtain a home with forceful words and a state person or counsellor heard it and reported to the city. He was fired and now his back thinking he can bully me, stalk me, harassing me, defame me, age discrimination saying I don't belong here. He has taken several home from weak elderly women when they where sick. Please help me son because I'm mentally sick and need your help. 760-994-2912
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